Graphic Designer
random play

Random, 2019

The brand spirit of 'random play' is a seemingly random player, but it happens under the underlying rules of the game, the order and randomness under this interaction are also trying to interpret and express the oriental philosophy.
Based on this concept and combined with the image of 'Karesansui', the brand pattern gene is developed. The solid graphic shapes represent order, while the lines represent randomness, which two complement each other and reach a balance.
At the same time, using a whole paragraph of customized modern poems as brand slogan also breaks the conventional way of streamlining sentences, and is intended to rethink the popular fast consumerism.

Random Play作为设计品买手品牌,更加强调偏日式的精致与简洁,以经典的文字排版设计搭配纸张或其他材质的高级质感,尽量抑制设计的欲望,不多余不吝啬,恰到好处的让品牌潜移默化的发声。为品牌视觉延展搭配的插画元素,具有wabi-sabi的审美情趣,看似随意粗糙的笔触与排列恰恰透露出品牌朴实内秀的质感。

Design: Tian Na; Herbr Lin (Nothing Project)
Typeface: Typewriter; Noto Sans