Graphic Designer
rainy rain

rainy rain, 2023

rainy rain is a multifaceted brand focusing on climate, communication and circulation. Taking rain as a starting point, it explores climate and nature, connects people, things and objects, and participates in sustainable recycling. It now has a multi-functional space that includes coffee and reading.

The brand's Western characters, rainy rain, are arranged in widely spaced rows, simulating the way rain falls from the eaves of a house in everyday life.

Rain itself has no color, so the brand's colors are chosen from two states of rain. When the rain falls from the clouds, it is the blue of the sky, and when it slowly seeps into the ground, it is the brown of the soil. Blue color is sentimental, melancholic and delicate, while brown color is humble, tolerant and calm, which is also the two different personalities of rain as I understand it.

rainy rain檐雨是一个关注气候、交流、循环的多元品牌。以雨为起点,探索气候与自然,串联人、事与物,参与循环可持续。现拥有一个包含咖啡、阅读等多功用的复合空间。

品牌rainy rain英文字标以大间距、行距排列呈现,模拟日常雨水自屋檐下落的状态。


Design: Herbr Lin
Photo: Wenchiech Shan