Graphic Designer
momos talk

momos talk, 2020

As a lifestyle homeware brand, “momos talk” always conveys a warm and natural attitude towards life. Re-branding for “momos talk”, we focused on the design of typeface in both Chinese and English name, giving them an unique identification and individual characteristics, also integrate the new logo structure into the form of steps.
The new branding design for “momos talk” gives the 5 years old young brand a refreshing modern look. The shape of stairs not only represent the scene of yearning for a better life, but also implies a positive attitude of "renewing every day".

莫语Momos talk作为一家生活家居品牌始终在传达温暖自然的生活态度。此次受委任进行品牌成立5年后的形象升级工作,我们重点将品牌中英文字形进行了全新的设计,赋予其更独特的识别特征与个性特点。新的标识架构融入了台阶的形式,台阶这一意象既代表了向往美好生活的场景又寓意“日日焕新”的积极态度。

Design: Tian Na; Herbr Lin (Nothing Project)
Typeface: Herbr Lin; Noto Sans; Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk