Graphic Designer

Exhibition Project Promotion
Random, 2019

“GALLERY 1X1” is an exhibition project, presented by Random in a versatile space. The exhibition area is only 1 square meter in size, where one painting, one book or one installation etc can be the subject of each exhibition. The condensed font specially designed for this project were made to fit the rectangle layouts. The other rectangles derived from the origin of the rectangle which give more description and understanding of the artist and the space.

“GALLERY 1X1”是由Random提出的实验展览项目,在一个一平方米的空间中进行小体量的实验性创作。展览的内容可以是一幅画、一本书、一个装置等。为“GALLERY 1X1”创作的窄体字被应用在自由变化的矩形布局中;其余由原点发散出的矩形布局,代表着对这个小体量项目的拓展阅读。

Design: Herbr Lin
Typeface: Herbr Lin*Custom-made for this project; Noto Serif
Photo: Yaoyao Xin